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For as long as I can remember I have been twirling around rooms and places, dancing in my parent’s living room to “Dancing Queen” I was destined to become just that! I was privileged to attend many dance academies over the years and mastered the art of delicately walking on my toes and wafting with the utmost of grace. Continued enthusiasm and determination led to a vast and varied career in the entertainment industry, working my way up to my dream job as a choreographer.

With such a high interest in the way the body works and with a desire to learn how to keep the body functioning to it’s best potential, I studied Anatomy and Physiology along with several Massage Techniques. In doing so I unlocked a whole world of Holistic Living, learning the importance of emotional well being as well as physical health.

I have studied techniques including Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Traditional Thai Massage (studied in Thailand), Pregnancy Massage, Facial Rejuvenation, Natural Organic Facials and Hands free Deep Tissue Massage. I now share my knowledge and expertise as an Holistic Massage Therapist, offering treatments and advice along side my performance career. I travel extensively around the World and continue to learn and gain experience in the workings and creativity of the body according to many different cultures, exploring new ways to move and new ways to keep a well oiled and energetic Mind, Body and Soul!

I have been living in Cornwall for nine years now where I continue to practice as a massage therapist and a choreographer as well as the most important job of being Mum to my two incredible children. I specialise in Pregnancy Massage and Facial Rejuvenation Massage, otherwise known as Natural Face Lift Massage. This is a wonderful, totally natural massage technique designed to promote a healthy and younger looking face as well as being deeply relaxing. For more information please see my Facial Rejuvenation page.

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