Exam Passed with flying colours! Here is a little feedback from my case study clients.

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_When I started practicing I had a certain number of expectations, as did my clients. We expected a reasonable amount of relaxation and thought the treatments would result in small visual differences to the expression lines and facial contours. What I didn’t expect was the individual differences I could make to each lady based on their specific needs. Each treatment became very tailored to what was happening in their lives from week to week and the after care advice I gave would be relative to this. The relaxation qualities of the massage became apparent very quickly, all of my clients either fell asleep or drifted off into a deep state of relaxation. I was also pleasantly surprised by one lady’s energetic reaction to the treatment, saying that she almost felt euphoric afterwards; proof of the holistic healing qualities of this treatment.

The way my clients live their lives shows on their faces, this was a fascination to us all, which resulted in empowerment. They had similar concerns of deep frown lines, wrinkly eyes, deep nasal lines and saggy skin around the jaw. I repeated smoothing and stabilising techniques in their troubled areas and gave them exercises and massage techniques to do at home to firm muscles and clear away toxins. My clients were relieved that they could take control of the health of their skin and the shape and tone of their faces and inevitably their own aging process. In turn they became relaxed and happy which showed in their more youthful expressions! One lady changed her skin care routine to combat facial eczema, one lady introduced a sleeping pattern and techniques to encourage a full nights sleep and another lady dramatically increased her water intake.

My clients and I were very excited by the results from the inside out. One of my ladies noticed a dramatic difference visually around her eyes each week and was thrilled with the improvement of her menopausal ‘break outs’ that seemed to get better week after week. After each treatment the physical and visual benefits seemed to last that little bit longer, until, by the sixth treatment the benefits seemed permanent.

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