Sun and Skin

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YES!…. Sunshine! As yesterday was the first day my family and I wore sun cream, I thought I’d write a bit about how the sun effects our skin.

Sunlight Can be beneficial to the skin, as well as aiding general health and mental well-being (great!). But overexposure is extremely damaging. Sunburn is a sign that serious tissue damage has occurred and can also lead to premature skin aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.

There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) ray that can damage the skin. UVB rays make up about 20% of the solar radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface, especially in the summer, and are the prime cause of sunburn and skin cancer. UVA rays account for the remaining 80% and can be a problem all year round, even in winter. They pass through the epidermis and deep into the dermis, damaging collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. UVA rays are also emitted by sunbeds but at much higher levels than that found in natural sunlight. So, while tanning machines are less likely to cause sunburn, they can cause greater damage to the supporting fibers, leading to premature wrinkling and sagging skin, speeding up the aging process.

The best way to avoid this and keep skin looking younger for longer is to avoid sunbeds, limit the time spent in strong sunshine, and always use an appropriate suntan cream or sun-block. it is also advised to wear sunglasses to prevent cataracts and to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables rich in Vitamin C as strong sunlight quickly depletes the skin’s store and apply moisturizer liberally to the skin whenever you have been in strong sunshine.

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